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Seats in our school buses, for the use of a limited number of our students will be available on a first come first booking basis. Please note we only have a limited number of buses so we are not able to offer transport to all applicants. Parents cannot demand bus services as a right, we help where we can but cannot guarantee a seat to every applicant.

*** Bus Charges will be as per the rates prevalent in the current year. The school does not guarantee a seat to all who apply.


* Availability of seats.

* First come first booking basis.

* Reporting time of student at the school (NUR & LKG / UKG upwards)

* Distance of residence from school.

* Availability of seats.

* Current bus Route.

HGT School

The School is equipped with large buildings consisting of 75 well-ventilated Classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Assembly Halls, 2 Libraries and a Dining Room which seats about 250 children.

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15, NIBM Galli Number 2,Kausar Baugh,

Kondhwa,Pune, Maharashtra 411048

Phone: (+91) 9860162911

E-mail :info@habibgokaktech.com

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