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1. Remittances must be addressed to The HGT School, Pune.

2. All bills are payable by the 25th of the month in which they are presented.

3. The annual billing will be done term-wise. These fees, which are in fact annual charges, will be divided into two equal parts, half of which will be charged at the commencement of each term. Bills for the two terms must be paid by the month of May and November. Bills for extras such as private tuitions, etc. will continue to be sent separately. ( Billing Period - 1st Term. April - Sept, 2nd Term. Oct - March for the respective academic year)

4. No allowances will be made for broken periods in school. The whole year fees must be paid.

5. A fine of Rs.5/- per day will be imposed for fees not being paid before the due date of the bill.

6. If fees are not paid by the due date, the name of the student may be struck off the school Rolls.

7. If a student is struck off the Rolls(s)he will lose his /her place in the school. Re-admission fees, in addition to arrears due, will have to be paid.

8. No student will be permitted to begin a new term unless all arrears due on his/her account have been cleared before the commencement of the term.

9. No transaction will be made on Sundays or Holidays.

10. Students will not be allowed to appear for the terminal test or Final Supplementary Test unless all dues are cleared.

11. If parents do not receive bills by the 20th of the month in which they are presented, they must contact the school office. The excuse of not receiving the bills is not excuse enough for late payment of dues. Bills lost in the post will not be our responsibility. Parents must enquire if bills are not received.

12. Clerical errors will not be accepted as an excuse for non-payment of fees. Adjustment will be made as soon as the clerical errors are verified.

13. No deduction of fees can be made for students who return late to school, after term has already begun.

14. Two clear calendar months’ notice in writing must be given when a child is withdrawn from school. If two months’ notice is not given, then a term’s fee following that in which the child is withdrawn will be charged.

15. If a student is absent for more than 10 consecutive days without informing the school, his name will be struck off the Rolls and it will be assumed that (s)he will not be returning and his/her vacancy will be given to someone on the waiting list.

16. After long vacations, if the student does not rejoin school within 10 working days of opening of the term, it will be assumed that (s)he is not returning and his / her name will be struck off the Rolls. If, therefore, your child has to stay away, please make sure that the school has been informed in advance and sanction obtained. If sanction is not given, which normally is the case, then the rule “Time for late return after long holidays will be enforced”.

Note : If your child’s name has been struck off the Rolls and you wish to re-admit him/her, one month’s fee will be charged as admission fees ONLY if there is a vacancy. Parents who do not wish their child to continue in the new school term, should give a clear two months notice in writing to the Principal, as at any other time of the year.

HGT School

The School is equipped with large buildings consisting of 75 well-ventilated Classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Assembly Halls, 2 Libraries and a Dining Room which seats about 250 children.

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