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Rules For Parent of class X


Please do not send your child to school if he is sick perticularly when he has a class assessment. If you send the child to school he will not be allowed to appear for the assessment ,but will be sent to the infirmary instead.No retest/no request will be entertained.The health of all students is our aim.


Many Children are comming late to school.The gate will close at 7:45 am,any child arriving there aftter will not be allowed to enter the school.


The School and class teachers must be informed of your child incase he/she a serious medical problems.Medical reports of the illness should be handled in to the school office.

4.General Issues:

If your Child is faced with a problem in class, First discuss it with the class teacher by appointment ,if you are not convinced with the solution,you may then seek an appointment to meet the Headmaster/Supervisor to discuss the same.

5.Discipline in Buses:

Children Sticking out of the windows trying to touch passing vehicles, throwing water out of the bus etc.

6.Child Abuse:

Parents are requested not to cruelly punish children.we have had many cases in the past when a child has been cruelly punished by his parent. Eg:beating/burning etc.


Parents are requested not to bring refernces/recommendation from any one regarding school matters,addmission,transfer etc.

8.Office meeting hours:

No meeting or school buisness with the Headmaster/Supervisor or the office after 12:00 noon onwords.All visits wiil only be done on prior appointment only.

9.General Issues:

Do not believe everything your child tells you about teachers,often it is not true.First find out,and then make accusations

10.Leave Notes:

Address leave notes to the Headmaster/Supervisor on proper paper with the computer code/Name/Class/Div of the child.Docter's certificates to be sent for 3 days.Childrens having than a leave note to be sent in.


No suffixing or prefixing of leave to any school declared holiday.


Please ensure that your child 's fees are paid on time.

13.Open House:

Incase you are not able to make it on the open House day and wish to send someone to collect the report card, please do send a latter of authority.

14.Card System:

A yellow card will be issued for bad conduct which is the first warning.If there is no improvement,this will be followed by a second yellow card and then a green card which will be the final warning.Thereafter a pink card will be issued as a notice of withdrawal for non-confirmation of school regulations.

15.Anonymous Latters:

We reeive many anonymous letters.they deserve to the garbage bin,and no cognisance is taken on them.


Transport offered by the school is a privilege and not a right.it depends on the availability of seats and buses along the various routes.Parents have to make thier own arrangements where there is a shortfall in any of these as the school is not responsible.Parent need to make special note that the school;drivers are not to be approached in any way regarding any transport arrangements.Please note any allotment will be done according to the distance the child lives from the school.short distance will not be recommended.

Additional Rules For Parent of class X

1.Parents must communicate with the respective teachers regarding academics,discipline etc on a regular basis.

2.Parents are requested to check the school bag before they come to school surprise checking of school bags will be done regularly.Articles like mobiles/l-podes etc will be confiscated and disiplinary action will be taken.

3.The habit of being absents before the tests and examinations needs to be checked.

4.Text books and notes books are to be brought to the class peroid wise.

5.Submission of project and journals are to be done on time.

6.SUPW is mandatory. Attendance is compulsory as it is a graded icse subject

7.Examination: There will be 2 Unit Test and 3 Priliminary Examinations for class X

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