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The school endeavors to inculcate habits of cleanliness and neatness, and parents are requested, not only in the interest of their children and themselves, but also in the interest of the school, to see that their children are always clean and neatly dressed for school, for going out in the evening or at any other time to public places or public functions.

1. The school uniform consists of a white shirt and shorts (white trousers in classes VI to X), a school belt and tie, white socks with maroon and golden stripes and lace up black shoes. (white canvas shoes for PT).Belts worn lower than the narrowest portion of the waist and drainpipes, baggy pants and flared trousers are strictly prohibited, as are shorts. Loops for belts must be large enough for the belt to fit in. Trousers must not be less than 14" and not more than than 16" at the lowest point. Tightly tailored trousers are not permitted. Trousers must be worn above the waist and not below the hips as seems to be the fashion now. Boys are not permitted to attend school if they are improperly dressed.

2. On week-ends and holidays and at all other times outside class and for games routine hours, boarders wear House colour games shirts or "Blues and greys" and sports shoes while in the School compound.

3. Over 144 years old, this school clings to traditional in its School uniform; unconventional dress and usually leads to unconventional behaviour. Generally there is a distinct link between dress and behaviour. The School Uniform consists of

The School Uniform consists of :

Classes Girls Boys
Lower Kg Not Applicable Not Applicable
Lower Kg Not Applicable Blue shirts & Grey Shorts
Upper Kg - Class V Not Applicable White Shorts & Shirts (Ties for Class II- V)
Class VI - X Not Applicable White trousers, White Shirts and School ties
Class XI - XII Grey Pleated Skirts and Blue Shirts Grey Trousers, Blue full sleeve Shirts

HGT School

The School is equipped with large buildings consisting of 75 well-ventilated Classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Assembly Halls, 2 Libraries and a Dining Room which seats about 250 children.

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